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What’s the “DIRT” blog?

“DIRT” is a blog done by Terry Peterkin Brock, a PhD Candidate in Anthropology at Michigan State University. She has a particular interest in Historical Archaeology, and is conducting research at Historic St. Mary’s City in Southern Maryland.

This link is a great example of what a blog is, if you are trying to create one yourself or are engaged in community engagement and are trying to learn how to use social media to further your purpose.
This blog serves a number of purposes, and is about a number of different things, but the major topics are:
• Her current research and interests, which include her dissertation project on slavery in America, the importance of community engaged research as it pertains to cultural heritage.
• Her process of developing a professional identity as she progresses through graduate school as a professional archaeologist, cultural heritage professional, teacher, and leader.
• New tools, software, and hardware that help her become a better professional and conduct her research. She has a particular interest in social media and Macintosh computers, so expect a bent in that direction.


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