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Stones for Schools: effective community engagement using social media

This post describes an  illustration of a digital/social media site that tells the story of a community: an example of total civic engagement using as many available tools as possible.

The story and community  is the one told by Greg Mortensen and the Central Asia Institute in Three Cups of Tea and Stones for School.  Mortensen’s story, much more than a story about finding ways to build schools for girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan, is exemplary in that Mr. Mortensen teaches us how important it is to listen to a community when trying to help, and, after listening, to evolve and adapt strategies and practices in order to develop and achieve shared goals.

Mortensen, though his books, lecture tours and web-site, has inspired the entire country if not the world.  He uses social/media sites effectively in many ways, including being very firm and clear about his goal (to raise funds and not enlist volunteers) and to continually create a buzz (and raise funds) by engaging directly with some of his community (his readers) through tours.

Mortensen uses social media tools effectively in video and Twitter but interestingly enough not Facebook).

How might Mortensen’s style of engagement compare to Jane Addams’ Hull House?  Will Mortensen’s methods one day be as seriously studied and modeled in civic engagement circles as Addams?

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