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Kickstarter toolkit

Kickstarter is a “crowdfunding” website that displays opportunities for those interested in supporting independent artists in their creative pursuits (including film, visual arts, food, technology and most anything).

It is a “threshold pledge system” which means that artists post a revenue goal and time deadline to fund their project. If the goal is not achieved within the prescribed time, the funds are not collected.  Kickstarter maintains the site by taking 5% of all funds raised. Transactions are facilitated through Amazon, so they take another 2%. Everything else goes directly to the artists. Monies raised are not investments, giving artists 100% control of their work.

Projects are sorted by location and by type, so you are able to easily support projects that are community-based. Currently funded projects are available for viewing; providing a wide selection of very cool projects.

Here’s what Kickstarter says about its funding all-or-nothing approach:

“On Kickstarter, a project must reach its funding goal before time runs out or no money changes hands. Why? It protects everyone involved. This way, no one is expected to develop a project with an insufficient budget. Remember you set your own funding goal, so aim to raise the minimum amount you’ll need to create your vision. Projects can always raise more than their goal, and often do.”

This site is getting a lot of attention. It engages a web-based community of art supporters to review projects that would never be known otherwise. It raises capital for small but unique projects, potentially contributing to the intellectual and artistic sense of communities.

If you haven’t already, check it out:

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