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Houston Public Library and Social Media

The Houston Public Library (HPL) uses a variety of social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, and a blog to enhance the way they are able to interact with the Houston community. This use of Facebook and Twitter allow library users who participate in these social forums to be regularly updated about important library information and resources such as library hours, events, and workshops. These tools make it so library users can obtain information about the library and learn about services without necessarily going to HPL’s homepage. HPL also uses Youtube to broadcast recordings of author visits, story times, events, workshops and tutorials and Flickr to display images of these events and workshops. This use of social media is important because it keeps anarchive of library services that can be accessed at a later date and it allows those who could not participate in the events and workshops in person the opportunity to benefit from these services. All of these social media tools support the library’s online presence and allow library users to stay informed about services and resources in a variety of ways outside the library walls.

To view HPL’s Youtube videos, Flickr photos, blog, Facebook page, and Twitter page, go to this link:

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