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HFWG – Using the Web to Share

The Hispanic Families Working Group is an organization located in McLean County that is focused on helping the Latino community in central Illinois find resources, and is also active in finding gaps in services and trying to fill those gaps. This organization does not have a physical location. Instead, most of their information sharing and work is done online through their website, their Facebook, an email listserv, and although they do have in-person meetings as well. The website and Facebook are both new as of last year, and were major projects that they worked on.

What is great about working almost exclusively through the web is that this lowers any costs attributed to renting a space. I expect this group had difficulties before the creation of its website, as there was no central location for information to be amassed. It is not just used for the business of the HFWG, as it also works on disseminating information and news that are of general interest to the Spanish-speaking community in McLean County. The website default is English, but utilizes Google translate right on the page so that readers can easily switch to Spanish, helping to reach a larger part of the population.

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