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JayCut: Video Editor

JayCut is a new easy to use video editing tool.  This program allows users to upload and edit video and audio clips into a new movie or sound creation.  Videos can be easily uploaded and edited by simple clicks of the mouse.  Videos can be altered by many editing tools, such as the scissors icon to cut out sections of audio or video.  Simple dragging and dropping can move around sections of video or sound or drop transitions into place.  JayCut allows users to have multiple tracks of videos and audio for users to create more advanced layers of sound.  This program also has a preview movie button to show what a transition will look like or how changes look after being edited.  JayCut has a professional and sleek look for professional video editors, but also has easy and simple to use buttons to create new movies with sound.  The simple dragging and dropping of pictures, sound, and video clips helps to organize and create a unique and personal story.

Click here to get started using JayCut:

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