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Creating or Modifying Blog Posts

If you’d like to submit a draft post to the Community Technology Forum, here are the steps:

  1. Log in to the forum using the “Log in” link found at the lower left of the main forum page.  (NOTE: if you have not created an account before you will first need to click on the “Register” link.)
  2. Click on the “Site Admin” to edit your past posts or to create a new post.  There’s a “New Post” link at the top of the Site Admin dashboard or you can click on the Posts menu on the left to see a listing of posts taht you can edit.
  3. Give your post a title.  This is the headline for your article and so should be a short, catchy, informative phrase.
  4. Begin writing your post in the main edit window.
    1. Click on the “Save Draft” button regularly to save copies of your work.
    2. Use the row above the main edit window to control the formatting for your posts.
    3. The four icons on the “Upload/Insert” row can be used to insert images, video, music, and multimedia respectively.
  5. Select one or more categories for your post.  If the category of your choosing doesn’t exist, you can propose a new one by including a suggested new category at the bottom of your post.
  6. Add one or more tags to further describe the primary topic(s) of your new article.
  7. Click on the “Submit for Review” button when you’re ready for a community editor to review your article and submit it for publication on the site.  Editors main role is to check that appropriate categories have been selected, and to tweak formatting for readability.  But they will also make sure posts stay family-friendly by removing foul or abusive language, and that they are on topic (i.e., they are related to community technology in some way).  We are continually seeking new community editors.  Please contact if you’re interested in helping with this.

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