Implementation | Phase I

Inventory of Technology Installed/Upgraded

We upgraded four computers, and supplied the following: power cords, Ethernet cables, operating system, software, security system with password.

 Technical Processes

  • Obtain hardware
  • Identify working towers and monitors
  • Check/ fix all components
  • Erase hard drive
  • Re-install new operating system (windows XP)
  • Download/update drivers – audio, USB ports, video card, internet card, internet driver
  • Installed security updates
  • Installed computers in space
  • Re-routed Ethernet cable through ceiling
  • Re-arrange space (i.e. bought the table and bore a hole for cords, bound cords)

While we upgraded four computers, we later decided to only install three due to limited space. The fourth computer was returned to the lab in GISLIS and subsequently donated to the Shadow Wood group.

Environmental Changes

Since our goal was to integrate the CTC into the pre-existing shop atmosphere, we transformed one corner of the waiting area by shifting the seating arrangement forward by 5-6 feet. By pooling our financial resources, we purchased a new, square table for the computers. To minimize costs, we relocated chairs from the waiting area to the computer stations.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this project is that it has provided an opportunity for the staff to implement long-awaited sweeping changes throughout the space: mending holes, painting the walls, adding baseboards, etc. Mural is scheduled to be painted throughout the shop the coming weeks.

We take absolutely no credit in the shop makeover, but are instead very pleased to see the staff taking ownership of the space in new ways.

Training and Documentation Provided

  • We gave them password information, general overview/introduction of computer, feedback from initial uses.
  • Handouts/information from workshop retained at shop for future use, advertisements for workshop.

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