Going Forward


We are going to continue working with the Whip, Stephanie in a volunteer capacity and Bheki in an academic role. New workshops planned for Summer 2013 based on additional feedback from staff/customers including: PowerPoint, Advertisement/Graphic Design, Resume, etc. etc. etc.

 Plan for orientation for future CI students who work with the Whip, recruit Fall 2013 451/490 students.

 The owner and shop manager take responsibility for supervising space, reporting issues, maintaining security, and participating in workshop programs. We recognize the time and resources dedicated by these two as demonstrations of their ongoing commitment to the community and the sustainability of the CTC.

Future Goals

Based on workshop feedback and our preliminary research, we have identified the following potential future workshops:

  • Network Security Training
  • PowerPoint
  • Resumes
  • Advertising design
  • Kid’s games

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