Project Outputs

Technology Inventory

  • 7 PDS Slim computers
  • 1 PDS Tower computer
  • 8 flat-screen monitors
  • 1 laptop
  • 1 switch (15 points)
  • 8 Windows XP operating systems
  • 1 dual-headed video card
  • 7 sets of speakers
  • 7 power adapters for speakers
  • 2 LCD picture frames (4 x 6)
  • 2 USB flash drives for picture frames
  • 7 mice
  • 7 mouse pads
  • Cat-5 network cables (approx. 200 feet) and data plugs (14)

Space Implementation

Based on the room’s electrical capabilities and wiring, we made the decision to locate the computers along the eastern and southern walls.  The dual-monitor work station was placed in the nook of the western portion of the room, where an office was formerly located.  We determined this would be the best spot for this work station as it affords a bit more privacy and space.  WESL has discussed the possibility of sectioning this area off with a permanent wall, thus making it an entirely private work space.

The northern wall has been painted a bright green to enable green screen usage for video production.  We attempted to keep this area as open as possible to enable easy filming when necessary.  We have brought in chairs and pillows to make the space more inviting and collaborative (especially for teens); these are located in the middle of the room near the big screen TV which WESL has provided for the lab.

Training and Documentation

We have created a Delicious account in order to access the various Web sites for programs that we have installed on the computers.  We have linked to instructions on how to use these programs in addition, we have provided WESL staff with the usernames and passwords for each of the computers.


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