Site Analysis


There are several types of programs existing concurrently at the site.  Space is devoted to offices, church, a TV filming studio, a radio broadcasting studio.  The room reserved for the computer lab currently serves as a multi-purpose room for conferences, church services, parties, an office, and an area to view movies on a projection screen.

Harold Lawary, site coordinator, requests 10-12 well-functioning computers in the room.  He would like to use the space primarily for after-school and evening programming for youth.  The computers would serve as a video editing lab where youth can create and edit videos for use as public service announcements on local public access cable.  Ideally the room could also continue to be used as a multi-purpose room with a projector and space for meetings.

Rev. Lawary would like to see more youth using the facilities and increasing their computer literacy skills to use technology for productive service within the community.


The physical space of the WESL conference room is currently a stunted “L” shape with tables pushed together in the middle of the long side of the L to form a conference table.  For parties or church services, the tables are moved out of the room and chairs set up as needed (or not).  An office space (with a desk, computer, printer, filing cabinets, etc.) occupies the short side of the L.  There is also a restroom in the room that may or may not be torn out; this re-construction depends on funding for which the site supervisor is currently applying.

As stated in the Programming section, the room serves a multitude of purposes and will need to be able to be flexible, despite the fact that it will be primarily a computer lab.  Rev. Lawry is involved in myriad organizations and activities and needs a space to be able to accommodate his/WESL’s many needs.  Given this need for flexibility and the size/shape of the room, the arrangement of the computer lab is rather limited.  However, should the restroom be demolished, this will allow for more flexibility in the design of the room.

Ideally, the computers in the lab would be able to be arranged in collaborative spaces, accommodating groups of various sizes.  When needed for conferences, trainings, or parties, the computers would then be able to be pushed out of the way to allow for the environmental needs of those events.  The personal/technological focus of the room would change depending on the needs of those using it.  The logistics of how many computers can be supported on the electrical circuit will be an additional constraint as well as the arrangement of the computers in relation to the electrical outlets (which are only on the walls).

The aesthetics of the room could use some updates in order to be more teen-friendly.  The room is a painted a pastel purple, has very little natural light (given the dark curtains over the windows), and feels very flat.  We hope to be able to make it a more dynamic and comfortable place that would attract teens as well as the local community and encourage them to take advantage of the space as much as possible.


What resources are already available from the organization to be applied to this project?  What resources will be purchased and by whom?  What resources are available from the LIS451 donations?

Resources already available:
conference room tables and chairs
projector screen
decorative screen
plain curtains
possibly other limited furniture

Resources to be purchased (brainstorming phase):
Windows licenses
video editing software licenses
decals for one wall?
fabric for ceiling?
small round rug for reading corner
bean bag chairs or other cozy chairs for reading corner
lamps (at least for reading corner, possible for other areas of the room)
a plant for reading corner
chairs (bean bag?) for reading corner
supplies for tables to be built for computers

Resources to be donated:


Focus groups are…
Teens in the vicinity (high school right across the street)
Other community members in the vicinity

Highest priorities are to…
Provide focus group with technical capacity (hardware & software) to express their creativity
Ensure lab is supplied with an ample, steady supply of electricity and bandwidth to enable video editing & streaming

Essential components of the technology plan are…
Video editing software
WYSIWYG web authoring software
Office productivity suite
Hardware specifications suitable to run the above software

Factors that shouldn’t change are…
Flexibile setup of work stations to continue accomodating non-core activities and occasions


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