LIS451 Fall 2011 Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Organizational Opportunity, Need, or Problem

With the scheduled transition from local to regional access, the WESL Public Access Cable TV shall have an opportunity to expose their campaigns on HIV prevention and healthy family and community engagement to a broader audience. This opportunity will induce a need to create a greater amount of content and the TV station’s leadership hopes to involve more teens in content creation. Previous projects where teens actively participated in script writing and video production revealed the lack of technical resources at the TV station. Also, the general lack of public access to computers and related training programs in the neighborhood can also be addressed through the installation of a new computer lab.

Project Summary

By the end of the semester, our team’s goal is to transform a room in the WESL Public Access Cable TV station into a computer lab that looks teen-friendly and equipped with approximately ten work stations. The team will prepare the to-be-donated computers by assessing the condition of recycled computers, refurbishing their hardware components, and installing necessary software that’s either purchased or freely available. The team will also contribute to the lab’s renovation by painting and decorating the space as well as planning furniture arrangement. Prior to final delivery of the products, the TV station must repair the space’s ceiling, electric outlets and broadband cable outlets. Replacing the flooring and demolishing the bathroom for more space is contingent upon the receipt of TIF funding.

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