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Problems and Solutions

Problem: First of all, missing our exit and taking a scenic tour through St. Louis and East St. Louis caused us to be late.
Solution: We called Donna, and Donna was on the phone providing directions until we reached our destination. This a great example of using trouble-shooting skills outside of computers. M. realized that after going across the bridge was a bad thing, so she had to come up with an idea to get us back on the right track.

Problem: The most basic problems was not having network cords that were long enough. This was a big problem as none of the group took the Cablemaking Course 101 with Martin.
Solution: Our shorter cords were switched with the longer cords in the employees’ offices. We were also lucky enough to have Dinesh with us, who was nice enough to make one very lengthy cord.

Problem: Issues with getting the 2nd Lab networked.
Solution: After doing some troubleshooting and finding that the cords and computers were working, we came to realize that Lab 2 was not hooked up to the Urban League’s network. While we were not allowed to touch the patch panel in the network closet, Donna and Dinesh were able properly connect the jacks needed to network Lab 2.

Problem: Older Computers were proving to be too much trouble to upgrade. In fact proved impossible to upgrade.
Solution: The older computers were not upgraded. We simply wrote out a list of issues and possible problems, but we also stated why we were not able to upgrade/fix the computers that needed upgrading. (These computers had issues such as viruses, slow speed–which may be caused by memory issues, etc.) Also, note that we replaced almost all of the older computers with the new computers.

Problem: We wanted to install the anti-virus before connecting the new computers to the network, but the Urban League did not have CD copy of their anti-virus.
Solution: Their anti-virus is stored on a folder in their network, so we had to map the location of that folder and then burn a CD of the anti-virus and then install on our computers.