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Lessons Learned

Main Lesson

Things never go as planned and you have to be prepared for that. Basic trouble-shooting skills are essential, but so is the need for open communication. Every person in the group is a resource of information and skills even if they don’t know it.

Other Lessons

  • Tech Skills: Computers are very inconsiderate…they do not care that you know what you are doing….and that you have taken classes…and you are prepared….THEY DO AS THEY LIKE! And it is our job to find ways to get them to do what WE like.
  • Tech Skills: There are many reasons why computers do not have access to internet, such as not being hooked up to the network. This stresses the important trouble shooting skill of “think” as we tested the cables, different computers, and jacks on the wall.
  • Communication Skills: Communication with your group members and site coordinator cannot be taken for granted; everyone must work together. At first, we had confusion about who was our site coordinator, but it turns out that both of our Urban League contacts were extremely helpful.
  • Communication Skills: Its important to keep documentation of the computers that have been worked on for our reference while we working there and also the Urban League to refer to at later dates.
  • Organization Skills: We were principally responsible for organizing the Urban League’s two computer labs. This meant that we had to physically move computers into logical positions so the computers can have a power source and networked, but also so that organization promoted a learning environment (ie making the best position for the teacher to instruct). We also had to renumber all the computers and update documentation on the computers.
  • Personal Insight: Getting up way too early in the morning has its benefits; it allowed us to take a detour, to get out, stretch your legs, and get some fresh air. (I.E The Mounds and/or St. Louis).
  • Overall: Working on an actually site really reinforces issues we covered in class. It gave us practical experience while giving us a chance to use the skills we learned.