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Inventory of Equipment and Software

What we have

6 PCs
2 of their CDs with XP and 2 CDs with Office 2003
6 Monitors
6 mice
6 keyboards
1 flash drive with printer drivers and 2 types of anti-spyware
2 extra hard drives with XP installed on one, and XP and Office on the other.
4 trouble-shooting ready minds

What they have in their current lab:

18 PCs (includes updated Vectras and Compaqs)
18 Monitors
18 keyboards
18 mice
3 hubs
4/5 power strips
(A large number of cords of different lengths)
CD with Norton Anti-Virus, which we may have to install.
CDs with programs they will install themselves such as GED tutorial.

Licenses for:

  • Windows XP
  • Microsoft Office 2003
  • Norton Anti-virus
  • Typing program
  • Access 21st Century program (maybe?)
  • MS Curriculum (maybe?)

DSL Internet connection

HP 4350 TN printer

Hubs (so far they have 3, but may have access to more)

Wire and power strips

Other Items to be considered

  1. When we are done with the project, the Urban League wants to have a total of 20 computers. Therefore, despite the fact that we are providing only 6 computers, we most likely will have to update a number of their own computers.
  2. Furthermore, the coordinators, there were two, discussed with us some of their future plan. For instance, they are applying to get a grant for computer desks, new computes, and a scanner. These new desks are what they have in mind when they are asking that we redesign one of their current labs and create the other.