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Implementation Plan

Our main plan of action

They want to rearrange the 1st lab and move furniture and new computers to a 2nd lab:
1. First priority was to move furniture from the 1st Lab to the 2nd Lab. (This would involve unplugging the computers and removing them off the tables then moving 8 of these computers to the 2nd lab.)

Our Goal

End up with 6 tables in the First Lab, and 5 tables in the Second Lab.
2. We will take 2 or 3 of their computers, which were in the First Lab, and relocate them to the 2nd Lab so that a total of 8 computers will be in the Second Lab.


3. (Once the tables have been moved from the 1st to the 2nd lab.) We will clean the tables and place the 5\6 of our computers into the 2nd Lab which has no computers in it.

We are working on the assumption that they have 18 computers now in the 1st Lab so out of the 18 computers, 14 will need to stay. The rest will be placed in a closet or storage space.

Technology Implementation

4. Once all is relocated and straightened, we will begin to plug in the computers in both labs. Connect the computers in the 2nd Lab to the network, and install anti-virus and any necessary printer drivers. (The 2nd Lab with our computers will be our priority.)

5. After this is done, we will go back to the 1st Lab, and try to figure out the problems with their current computers.
If possible, we will update their computers.
If not, we will write out a report about the issues we saw in each computer and give them advice as to what could be done to solve the computer problems.

6. Inventory their computers; relabel their computers.

7. Clean-up after ourselves.

8. E-mail them a list of their new specs.