LIS451 Spring 2013 Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Organizational Opportunity, Need, or Problem

This project aims to help Children’s Services Department of Urbana Free Library (UFL) redesign their computer lab.

The Children’s Services department is a big and crucial part of UFL. It has 14 computers in all, including 10 adult computers and 4 children’s computer. Adult computers are for parents who company their children here in the library but need to access Internet for personal reason. Children computers are for children’s study and entertainment purpose. Currently, 6 adults computers are being located right in front of entrance. The other 4 adult computers and 4 children’s computers are paired up back to back next to the circulation. The problem for the current arrangement are:

1. Lack of collaborative space. If parents need to use computers in front of the circulation desk, they are separated from their children, who usually stay at the back Parent Children Play area, Reading Area, or Homework Contor at the back.

2. Lack of presence of Children’s Services. 6 adult computers placed at the entrance take the presence spot. The department wants new arrangement that could better present their services,

We realized that technology access, here Internet access in particular, is important at Children’s Services department. It facilitates children’s study and entertainment activities, improving their user experience here in the library. At the same time, parents are also provided Internet access opportunities for their personal needs, which enables them to stay in the library as their children participate in some activities.

However, the computer lab also have these problems stated above, Thus, it is important to redesign the computer lab to deliver better services, and improve the library space use overall.

Project Summary

In view of the library needs, we plan to decide the final redesign plan by the end of this semester. Ideally, we would also like to move the furniture to new locations. However, we understand that it takes time to pass the library administrative process and get all resources at place. Thus, this is depended by the library availability

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