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Wireless Network

Trinity has two different wireless networks.  The first is for the office network and is called TUMC; the second is for the lab network and is called TUMCLab.  The information for each is as follows.

  • SSID: TUMC (AT&T Main Office Router)
    • Location: Main Church Office
    • Main Wired Connections:
      • DSL WAN connection
      • Church Computer
      • Linksys Lab router
    • WAN IP Address: DHCP from AT&T
    • LAN IP Address:; Subnet Mask:
    • Channel: 11
  • SSID: TUMCLab (Linksys Lab Router)
    • Location: Large metal cabinet in the southeast corner of 2003
    • Main Wired Connections:
      • AT&T Main Office Router
    • WAN IP Address:
      • Static IP:
      • Subnet Mask:
      • Gateway:
    • LAN IP Address:
      • Subnet Mask:
    • Channel: 6
    • DHCP Server On, Range:
      • Starting IP Address:
      • Static DNS blank
    • WPA2, TKIP + AES Personal Security (see paper for password)
    • NOTE: Wireless router has a loose internal connection for power.  Duct Tape was used to hold it securely in place.  If a power reboot is needed, do that from the wall outlet.  MOVE WITH CARE!