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Project Plan: Sustainability

How will this space evolve over time? How can sustainability and flexibility be engineered into the plan? How can we make this lab easy to change or upgrade after a period of several years? What role will documentation play?  What training can be provided to technology leadership within the organization to enable them to better support the space and the technology?

The two spaces at Trinity UMC have the potential to evolve as Reverend Freeman continues to develop programs for youth and teens.  Depending on interest and participation, perhaps the room envisioned for the older elementary students will be used by the high school students and the older elementary students will use the room envisioned for high school students.  There is a possibility that one room could be used specifically for adults.  Once the computers are in the space and the community has the opportunity to use the computers, different needs and a different vision for using the computers and the spaces could emerge.  Use of the computers and the space will provide indicators for how the space can grow and evolve to serve the needs of the Trinity UMC congregation.

Sustainability and flexibility are essential to the success and longevity of this project. A priority we will keep in mind is the lifespan for the hardware and software capabilities. For example, we will be equipping the space with restored computers, we will need to spec out the capacity of their hard drives and RAMs to determine the time frame for the necessary upgrades. We will communicate the importance of making sure security and software updates are completed on a regular basis.

In order to ensure the ease of use and operation of the computers, documentation can be created.  Before creating documentation, we will identify the areas where documentation is necessary.  If we decide to use Linux on the computers following user testing, we will create documentation for basic use since this might be the first time our users worked on a Linux computer.

Reverend Freeman expressed great interest in technology and a strong desire to bring technology and access to members of his congregation.  We can work with Reverend Freeman to keep him up-to-date as we continue to work on the computers.  Following the installation, we can provide Reverend Freeman with instruction on using the software and the computers.

Update at Project Conclusion:

  • Each computer has at least 40GB of storage and 1GB or RAM. This upgrade will help the computers to work well and provide flexibility for software to be added
  • If devices are purchased in the future, they can be added to the wireless network
  • We will provide Rev. Freeman with an Installation Guide for the computers, and Rev. Freeman seems to have a great grasp of technology.