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Project Transition Checklist

List the key milestones in the project, through transition of the technology to the organizational partner.  Include target dates and dates steps were completed.

February 26 – Andrew, Helen, Katherine and Michelle visit Trinity UMC and meet Rev. Bob Freeman for the first time. We discussed Rev. Freeman’s vision for the project, talked about who would primarily use the computers and how the computers would be used. We also took photos, and created detailed descriptions of the room(s) where the computers will go. We counted the number of outlets and took note of the rooms’ dimensions.

Early-late March – Worked with Martin to prepare desks for assembly

Target date to determine the electrical needs and computers available – March 15

Mid March – We updated the blog to include more specific information on the space, the priorities for the project, the technology infrastructure, sustainability, and a resource analysis.

March 14 – We met with Martin and Adam to discuss the number of computers we would be able to provide, when we should order equipment and whether the current electrical configuration could handle the amperage of the computers and monitors.

Mid-March – We put together a few “user scenarios” to provide examples of how the rooms might be used and sent these to Rev. Freeman

Target date to setup two computers for user tests – April 8

March 20-April 7 – Rev. Freeman was open to using either Windows or Linux, so we set up two computers for users to test. We placed a number of the programs that users would typically use on each OS. We also learned that we could provide Trinity with 10 computers and recorded the specs of these computers.

Target date for price list – April 1

Late March/Early April – We set up a comprehensive price list that included hardware needs as well as commercial and open source software items and sent this list to Rev. Freeman

Early April – contacted Rev. Freeman to discuss our tasks for the visit on April 9

April 5 – Met with Martin and Adam to discuss the best way to provide wireless internet access for the ten computers.

April 9 – We drove to East St. Louis and worked with volunteers to assemble, prime and paint desks. We discussed hardware/software orders with Reverend Freeman and volunteers tested the Linux and Windows computers. They determined that Windows was preferable to Linux for their needs. They also decided to use Microsoft Office rather than Open Office, and to purchase multimedia editing software for two of the computers. It was a very successful trip, and we had some great volunteers!

Target date to complete computers to bring to Trinity UMC – April 28

April 10-April 28 – Cleaned computers, wiped hard drives, installed hardware, installed OS and other software onto computers.

April 19 – Met with Martin to discuss the software ordered and other tasks.

April 29-30 – Final visit to Trinity UMC:

  • Computers were delivered
  • Installed the NIC cards and software
  • Set up the computers and cleaned the machines
  • Ran ethernet and power cords and covered them
  • We troubleshot and fixed issues with the NIC cards and routers
  • All software he wanted was installed


Initial Project Timeline

March 29

  • Price list
  • List of open source programs
  • Physically install open source programs on demo computers (especially the Linux computer)
  • Explore Cokesbury
  • Discuss user testing
  • Think about questions for user testing survey/feedback sheet

March 28-April 8 – Preparation for User Testing

  • Prepare 2 computers for user testing on April 9
  • Install Linux Ubuntu 10.10 and Windows XP
  • Select and install open source programs for demo computers to be used at user testing
  • Create Questionnaire/Feedback Sheet for the user testing
  • Continue to work out costs for software programs to bring to user testing
  • A spreadsheet will be created to show Reverend Freeman on April 9
  • Determine which programs are available
  • Contact Reverend Freeman to arrange for users to participate in user testing
  • Group members will be comfortable using the demo computers

April 9 – User Testing at Trinity UMC

  • Demo computers
  • Assemble desks/prepare space at site

April 10-12

  • Review feedback from user testing

April 10

  • Make final decisions on software/programs
  • Install operating systems
  • Install programs

April 24-28

  • Create user manuals for programs/software

April 29 – Final installation of computers at Trinity UMC

  • Orientation of the computers/software for Reverend Freeman