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Site Description

The Word Christian Bookstore (Word Cafe) is a small business combining a bookstore and boutique, established in November 1994. It specializes in Christian products, including a wide range of books, music, and supplies. In business for over 15 years, it serves a diverse clientele, including clergy and laymen, professionals and students. The Word has been gradually expanding, and the storefront now incorporates several sections. The entrance leads into an open, multipurpose area including 7 tables and 18 chairs, all of which can be reconfigured to meet a particular need. To the right is the largest section of the store, containing many diverse bookstore items. At the end of the store is the boutique, specializing in women’s clothing and hats.

The Word is put to many uses by its community. Patrons come in to read items and to identify items for future reading. The cafe area is currently used for events and reading club meetings. The space has also been used to house the congregation of a new church until they could secure a long-term location. To aid these efforts, and to expand their ability to serve the community and bring patrons into their establishment, the proprietors were interested in installing a group of public computer terminals. These would be available for the kinds of tasks they currently perform for patrons, such as looking up book information, as well as other tasks, like browsing the public domain full text collections on the Internet.