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Considerations for Sustainability

For a computer lab to be sustainable, it needs both technical knowledge to keep the computers operational and financial infrastructure to keep the enterprise possible. Involvement and experience in the local community is key to sustainability, and is ultimately more important than the work done to construct the lab if it is to be self-supporting over the long term. We have pursued two strategies to support sustainability and aid Gracie Morgan and the Word Café employees in maintaining the computers.


On-Site Technical Support

The daughter of the Word Café’s proprietor is a capable computer user, and can be relied upon for general troubleshooting and support on-site.

We also provided on-site technical documentation, both in paper and as bookmarks to information online. This documentation covers basic troubleshooting procedures for the computers, operating system, and the Internet connection / network itself.



Off-Site Technical Support

To help support the computer lab, we have carefully documented procedures and equipment/software (recorded in the Technical Documentation and Justification of Technology Choices sections of this website). This information is meant to serve as a guide to the foundational decisions underlying the computer lab, and will be useful if the computer lab needs technical assistance.