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January 12th, 2011 by Admin

Hello, and welcome to the partial list of project pages for the UIUC engagement with the Greater St. Mark Church of God in Christ in East St. Louis, IL.


2006 Communication

April 22nd, 2006 by Admin

3/28.  Asked Site Coordinator if she had obtained licenses for Windows 98 Office, since in our initial meeting she had balked at using Open Office.  At the time, she mentioned that she would look at eBay for Office licenses.  Her reply was in the negative—she urged us to continue installing Open Office.

3/30.  E-mailed SC to find out if there was a limitation on the types of games we might load onto the computers.  She replied that we should avoid all types of card games and dominoes.  Ultimately, we did not load any games onto the system.  At the site set-up, we tried uploading games from the Morningstar group’s flash drive, but as we could not find the right driver fro the drive, we discarded that idea.

4/17.  We met on a Friday afternoon with the intention of linking up all fifteen of our computers and attempting to network them.  While we could only do seven at a time, we had positive results over all.  However, three of our computers had unexpected problems, which we figured that we would address in next Tuesday’s lab.

4/19.  E-mailed SC the proposed room set up and requested that she provide 6 surge protectors and a router upon our arrival next weekend.

4/22.  SC replied that, converse to our initial discussion, we would actually have only half the planned space and not as many computers as originally thought.  We promptly replied, asking if she could take the twelve computers that we currently had networked.  We also asked for an idea of how the space had changed.

4/22  SC responded in an e-mail with a description of the space limitations and an admonishment that, although they were not prepared with internet at the moment, we should have all the computers internet-ready and loaded with anti-virus software.