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Project Plan: Technology Infrastructure

Based on an analysis of the organization’s leadership, physical space and primary needs, what specific technology infrastructure makes sense? What do they need, and why do they need it? How long can this equipment reasonably be expected to fulfill their needs?

Tap-in’s mission is prepare the kids for school (whether it be middle school, junior high, high school, or college) and also give kids an opportunity to explore hobbies, arts, and vocations that they might not otherwise have to opportunity to explore. Given this purpose, Tap-in wants to provide technology that the kids will be exposed to throughout their educational and vocational lives, but also provide technology that will encourage them to pursue other interests (like art and photography) that might be not be vocations.

Considering Tap-in’s mission, it seems best to have a variety of well-known and used technology available to the kids. This means providing both PC’s and Mac’s along with good old fashioned Microsoft Office. But apart from this, we hope to purchase photo-editing software because Sally tells us that a lot of the kids love photography. Video-editing software might also be something that we want to purchase.

Along with desktops, Sally wants to expose the kids to tablets. This will help with their overall ICT exposure and literacy. It is up in the air what the best option is, but iPads and Xoom’s are the top-runners. Also, they will be able to use the tablets outside (getting outside is a high on Tap-in’s list of priorities).

The desktops will likely fulfill their needs for many years to come. If we have to put a number on it maybe 5 years or longer. The tablets we are unsure about. We hope they will not be obsolete after a year or two, but as it is an emerging technology it is hard to say.