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Project Plan: Sustainability

How will this space evolve over time? How can sustainability and flexibility be engineered into the plan? How can we make this lab easy to change or upgrade after a period of several years? What role will documentation play?  What training can be provided to technology leadership within the organization to enable them to better support the space and the technology?

The lab is being set up so it is capable of integrating change. Having desks on wheels and a variety of ICT’s makes the lab versatile and it ensures keeps us from “putting all our eggs in one basket.” If for whatever reason one of the ICT’s in the lab goes obsolete or breaks down, there are others that can still be used.

The current set up should last Tap-in for a long time. The hardware is good quality that should support all kinds of software and updates. The biggest question is whether or not Tap-in will have the money to update and buy software. It seems like Sally has a knack for getting grant money, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

As far as Tap-in’s role as a non-profit, documentation is required. Also, because materials will be purchased through the University, documentation will also be available.

As for ongoing training and personnel, Tap-in’s close relationship with GSLIS and the University should be a huge benefit. They have many staff and professors from the U of I help out and would likely have no problem finding volunteers if needed.