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Project Transition Checklist

List the key milestones in the project, through transition of the technology to the organizational partner.  Include target dates and dates steps were completed.

Friday February 25thFirst meeting with Sally Carter and Tap-in. At this meeting we got an introduction to Tap-in, their mission, and the space we would have available

Monday March 14- Meeting with Martin and Adam to discuss our project plan. This included a purchasing list, and list of things needed to be discussed before finalizing this list:


hardware/software quantity price total
iMac(base price) 1 $1,199.00 $1,199.00 $1,199.00
mac mini, price w/ monitor 1 $849.00 $849.00
Dell Vostro 1050, Windows 7, 6 Cell battery $415.00 $0.00
monitors, mice, keyboards 10 $150.00 $1,500.00 $1,500.00
11 locks 11 $17.00 $187.00 $187.00
iPad2 4 $499.00 $1,996.00 $1,996.00
Motorola xoom tablet 4 $599.00 $2,396.00
Hardware Total= $4,882.00
Photoshop Elements, 501c3 price, video and software editing software 11 $22.00 $242.00 $242.00
Photoshop Elements, non-501c3 price, with mail in rebate 11 $79.99 $879.89
Windows 7 Home Premium 10 $199.99 $1,999.90 $1,999.90
Windows Office Home & Student 10 149.99 $1,499.90
Software Total= $2,241.90
Grand Total= $7,123.90


Friday March 18th- Meeting with Sally to go over our project plan and purchasing list. This meeting went well and we narrowed down our list to the following spreadsheet:

Buying list
Item Quantity
mac mini 2
monitors, keyboards, mice (4 for pcs, 2 for mac minis) 6
computer locks 6
wireless PCI NICs 4
photoshop elements software 6


March 28th- Finalize the plan and make purchases. This goal was not met, but will hopefully be met soon.

April 30th- Get desks, hardware and software in the room and set up. This goal was met with a few stipulations. Some money and resources didn’t go through, so we had to end up buying Microsoft Office ourselves and then only get 2 versions of photoshop/premiere elements.

May 4th – Meet with Sally to go over what we did with the lab and set up printers.