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Project Plan: Priorities

Based on the site description and interviews with leadership, what are the highest priorities for this project? What components of their technology plan must be successful? What cannot fail?  What must not change even as the project is implemented? Where are they able to experiment or absorb risk? Any focus groups or testing results can be described here, as well.

The highest priority for us is to decide how we will be spending money. This means making decisions on software needs and number of Macs. We need to get all the resources for the lab ordered ASAP so that they will arrive in time for us to set them up in time for the first summer class (starting in May).

One priority that Sally has to take care of is finding out what the electrical situation will be for Tap-in’s classroom. It looks to be that right now there may not be sufficient money allocated to the room to run 10 desktops. Tap-in might have to end up running another circuit down to the classroom.