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February 7th, 2011 by Admin

Hello and welcome to the Straightway blog space where you can find information about projects done by UIUC students with the organization

Upcoming Trip and status of the space

December 2nd, 2009 by Admin

Dear Pastor Tracy,

Our class will be coming back to East St. Louis this weekend to set up the labs as best as can be. The plan is to arrive late Friday morning and work through the day, and come back Saturday morning to finish up with any remaining kinks.
It is okay if the church is not completely ready for the full lab – we can install however many computers as will fit and can make arrangements with Martin for students next spring to do the finishing touches. However, it would be helpful before we come to know how much has been done, such as, is the space for the computers ready to go? Is there going to be internet?
Let us know if you have questions or if this absolutely won’t work.


Sorry for the long delay. Have been out of town — been under the weather and to top things off i have had problems with my computer at the house. Due to everything going on i have not had an opportunity to get with a carpenter friend of mine to build a “L” shape computer table but that shouldn’t be a major issue. I remember receiving an email a while back that i thought i had responded to but discovered thsat i had not — one question that was asked was what computer is located in the admin office and the what we have is a Dell Dimension 2400. It is a pentium (R) CPU 2.40 HGz with 512 MB of ram and it is microsoft xp. The printer is a Dell 3000CN. The other question asked pertained to the electrical outlets and it does appear that the electrical outlets are on the same “line” but the electrician i spoke to said this should not be a problem given the scope of work we would be doing.

To date we have not contracted with anyone for internet service—this will be discussed at our annual church meeting on the 13th of December.

I am going to leave you with my cell phone # (xxx) xxx-xxxx so you can contact me especially concerning Friday because I have a funeral on Friday that starts at 12 noon at another church so give me a call and we can try and work something.

Pastor Tracy

Progress Report

November 15th, 2009 by Admin

Dear Rev. Tracy,

This is the team working on your lab. Progress is going great – we have the computers loaded up and almost ready to go. To proceed to the next steps, we do need the printer model information. We would really like to have the computers all set to connect to the printer when they arrive. Also, it would be helpful to know what kind of internet the church is looking to get. Lastly, is there a password that you would like us to set up the computers with?
I hope you and your church have a spectacular Sunday!
God bless.

During the period of November 15-30, we communicated some over telephone, hoping to get some additional information in regards to the existing computer and printer.  Everything was going somewhat on track in terms of getting the computers set up, but we are not sure whether or not our Linux desktops will be compatible with the router, Windows PC and printer they already have. We are awaiting a response from Pastor Tracy about this.

Computer Lab Project

October 15th, 2009 by Admin

Hi Fr. Joseph,

First, I would like to apologize for the delay in communications.  We are working on obtaining the computers for the lab as soon as possible.  I just want to touch bases with you to make sure we share an understanding for what this computer lab will look like.

Based on our understanding, the computer lab will be a multi-purpose facility, serving people of all ages.  The primary focus of the lab would be to support an after-school program for youth, involving both church members and individuals from the surrounding community.  The computers should include productivity software to help students complete homework.  Also, it should include tutoring software, including games that exercise problem-solving skills, computer skills, and cover core curricular needs.

Additionally, the computer lab should reach out to young adults, especially single parents, who would benefit from increased access to essential resources, including job hunting resources.  The computer lab should possess the ability to help individuals express their creativity in new ways.  It should help people connect to online resources, including health care information, research tools, and more.
Our understanding is that your top priorities are:

1. The lab will be used in an after school program to mesh with tutoring, including pre-kindergarten to high school ages.
2. Classes will be offered for kids, teens, and seniors
3. The lab will provide outreach to young families in community, who would greatly benefit from having a computer lab within walking distance from their homes or workplace.

Based on the information we have, We understand that you would like ten computers, as well as a shared printer that will be physically located in the nearby office.  Were there any other details we missed, or do you have any questions or comments?  How does this all sound?

Additionally, we have some follow-up questions to ask.  First, did you ever determine whether the computer lab room is running on one or two circuits, or does it share a circuit with other rooms in the building?  This will impact the number of computers that room will be able to support.  Our understanding is that you would like 8-10 computers in the room.
Also, we understand that you would like the office computer networked in, such that it would share internet access and allow the other computers in the lab to use the printer.  To ensure that everything is compatible, would you please let us know the brand and model of the computer and printer you are using?  (For example, my computer is a Dell Vostro 1000.  If I had a printer, it might be something like a HP LaserJet P1006).

We look forward to hearing from you soon, and we look forward to working with you to make this vision a reality!


First allow me to thank all of you for the work that you do and that we as a church family are very appreciative. When i spoke to the congregation as to what the future of the church will look like with the addition of a computer lab—the response and applause was overwhelming.

–The criterias that you have outlined is on target and what i will do is show everyone this draft on Sunday and see if i missed something. I will have an answer for you concerning the electrical outlets in the computer shortly and i will get you the brand and model of the computer and printer in the church clerk’s office.

Again thank you for being a blessing

Pastor Tracy