Project Plan

Logic Model


The Shadow Wood lab has many available resources.  Currently, grant funds are available allowing for consistent staffing(Giovani Olea) and lab hours.  Further, with these funds, we were able to purchase additional items needed for the space.  Other resources include the community members themselves, Pam Dempsey and the 451 students.


Many activities take place in the lab space–anything from homework to game time to creating resumes.  Often, there are multiple children using the computers at once.  Otherwise they might be gathered around the side table doing homework.  Additional activities within our project specifically included adding chairs and adding/refurbishing computers.


All of the outcomes, short term through long term, are centered around connecting Shadow Wood community members with technology.  In the short term, we see immediate benefits from the activities and outputs.  As the activities and programs build on each other and in the long term, we hope to see the Shadow Wood lab space help achieve education and employment in the community as well as offer a forum for creating a community voice.


For the lab space: It will be staffed throughout the duration of the grant.  Programming used or developed will be able to be used again in the future.

For the technology in the lab: the computers are set to automatically update.  Use of the program “Clean Slate” will help keep the Windows general user account clean by wiping & resetting after each use.

Project Transition Checklist

March 11: Begin refurbishing 10 computers

March 25: Determine materials that need to be ordered (chairs, headphones, etc.)

April 9: Order materials; Complete Windows Install on all computers

April 17: Test one completed computer at Shadow Wood

April 15: All computers upgraded (No completed on time; schedule adjusted)

April 28: All Ten Computers Refurbished

April 29 to May 10: Install Computers


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