LIS451 Spring 2013 Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Organizational Opportunity, Need, or Problem

The Shadow Wood lab space not only offers a gathering space for community members but also an opportunity to use computers to access the internet at no cost.  After a couple site visits, it was apparent that a few more computers could be added to space.  Additionally, many of the existing computers needed updating.  By refurbishing ten computers to replace the existing eight we hope to provide greater access to more members of the community.  We are also striving for consistency by using similar operating platforms across all the computers.  This will allow for ease of use for the community members by creating a similar working environment on each of the computers.  The computers, in combinations with community programming and homework help, will help meet various needs of the community.

Project Summary

This project aims to increase access to the internet and create a space for collaborative study and teaching.  More specifically, our group will increase access to the internet by installing ten refurbished computers with dual boot operating systems capability and allow users easier access.  In consultation with community partners about the Shadow Wood lab space it was determined that two additional computers were needed, consistency among operating system platforms, additional chairs, and headphones.  The two additional computers will allow students during peak times to have a 1 to 1 computer ratio.  While the additional seating will serve two purposes that will aide community programming and homework help.  Additionally, it was noted that several different versions of Linux existed on the computers which was confusing for the students and not conducive to teaching computer literacy skills.  The seating is for a table in the space where students gather for homework assistance and tutoring services provided by the community ambassador while still allowing the space to function as both a lab with chairs at each computers and then a homework help space with seating at the table.  Lastly, by providing additional head phones we are giving the user the choice to make the space private to work individually while still maintaining a collaborate quiet space where students can be productive and complete homework assignments.

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