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Project Plan: Space

How does the physical design of the space impact it’s use? How does it relate to the goals of the organization? Will changes be necessary? What is the ideal human-computer ecosystem for this organization? For example: should the space primarily emphasize physical interaction between people, with computers as a secondary tool, or are computers a central part of the use of the space?

The space is currently still in the design stage. We recommend taking the following considerations into the plans:

  • Multiple outlets, especially in the floor. These will be useful for future reconfigurations of the room as technology advances are made as well as the needs and functions of the school change or expand.
  • There should be a space on the fall for presentations
    • We suggest having space for projector for class presentations or viewing objects via a digital scanning projector (ELMO).
  • There should be method to control the outside light without cutting off the airflow- such as screens, shades, and window tinting.
  • There should be areas for more permanent technology, such as tables or shelves for printing, scanning, or work space for computer repairs.
  • Furniture such as desks and chairs should be durable and light, with the intention of making it mobile. Tables that are light are easy to move by students would be ideal for their desks.