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Project Plan: Resource Analysis

What resources are already available from the organization to be applied to this project?  What resources will be purchased and by whom?  What resources are available from the LIS451 donations?

The Sao Tome Project has allocated a budget of $300,000 for technology.

Computer Specs


Other hardware


We recommend using Linux or Windows as the Operating System for the laptops/desktops. 

As Windows will cost money to license, Linux might be the better option because it is open source and you can find specific versions of Linux that look almost exactly like the Windows user interface. This will allow the students to be able to also have more flexibility in their technical education because they can work on Linux with the command line interface or the GUI interface. In terms of specific versions of Linux, Lubuntu or Ubuntu are the most recommended because of their user-friendly interfaces.

Windows comes with all the basic elements and start-up applications on its operating system, but Linux operating systems do not. Certain applications will need to be downloaded in order to be able to, for example, look and listen to videos on YouTube.

Recommended start-up applications for Linux:

Smartphones will be Android phones because they utilize a Linux OS, which would allow for more cohesion between the software on the phone and the software on the laptop/desktop.
Tablets will also be Android-powered to allow for cohesion.
Below is a list of educational applications from the Android app store:

  • Google Translate (translates languages)
  • Layar
  • Google Star Maps
  • PCM Recorder or Voice Recorder
  • MyAndroid Protection for Android 1.5-1.6 (enables antivirus and malware protection)
  • MyAndroid Protection for Android 2.0 or later (same as above but different version)
  • World Atlas
  • Google Reader
  • My Docs Google Docs
  • Science Pal ($1)
  • Science Facts
  • Chemistry Helper
  • Nature Facts
  • StudyMaster
  • IT & Computer Dictionary 2.1 ($2.17)
  • The Physics Professor ($0.99)
  • Biology I: Plant Biology ($0.99)
  • Google Voice