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Inventory of Equipment and Software

Carry on weight limitation is 14 lbs. per carry-on. Check-in weight limitation is 44 lbs. per check-in. Each member is limited to one check-in item.

Hardware on hand:

Dell PCs – 4 functioning as of July 2nd. 1 sent with Judy 7/2/2009.
Cable – Paul Adams will measure the teacher’s college to determine length.

Software on hand:

Various Linux OS – copies sent with Judy 7/2/2009.

Needed hardware/software:

Order confirmed for 5 Nikon Coolpix L20 cameras. Batteries and Memory cards also approved.

Cameras for Photovoice projects. Cameras will be brought with the team and left on island for use by the project sites.
Cameras that use rechargeable AA batteries are preferred over cameras that use a proprietary battery due to the limited ability to acquire additional proprietary batteries and the power-use advantage of rechargeable batteries.
Batteries and chargers will be brought with the team. Chargers will be purchased in Lisbon while the team is traveling to Sao Tome.

Five cameras will be purchased, each with an additional 8GB memory card to allow for a larger amount of video and photo to be taken at a time. Extra batteries will be brought to the island.
The number of chargers to be purchased will be determined at a later time.

Issues related to Photovoice hardware/software:

It will be expensive to create physical media using the cameras. There will also be limited availability of supplies on island. Considering this, it is more advantageous if media is shared in digital format.

How will distribution of the digital materials (photographs and movies) take place?

  • there are flash drives on the island with OLPC
  • CD burners in the labs?

We will also need to bring drivers for the cameras to the island with us. We need drivers for Windows and for the Linux distributions that will be on island.

Photo and video storage may prove to be an issue depending on the amount of memory in the computers already on island.