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Lessons Learned

It is hard to tell what is the best photo gallery or GIS server because you have to first use it to find out the useful features of the system.  With the GIS software it was difficult to test because we had no data set to work with, and could not compare Quantum GIS to ArcGIS because we never got ArcGIS to install.

CentOS = 

The different Linux distributions allows flexibility, we installed Camera Life on Ubuntu 8.10 and openSUSE 11.1 and were able to evaluate the differences.  Also, in the case of Camera Life, the on-line documentation was out of date, so we learned that  development communities offer different levels of support.

The whole process can become frustrating when an application doesn’t install according to the directions, as was the case with ArcGIS.

In the case of software like zenphoto, those who wish to use and implement the software will be vulnerable to the holes in the PHP code.  It was also difficult to work with ArcGIS because it was proprietary, and therefore designed to work on only a few types of systems.

Teamwork! =