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Project Plan: Space

How does the physical design of the space impact it’s use? How does it relate to the goals of the organization? Will changes be necessary? What is the ideal human-computer ecosystem for this organization? For example: should the space primarily emphasize physical interaction between people, with computers as a secondary tool, or are computers a central part of the use of the space?

Salt & Light’s top priority at the moment is simply OPEN ACCESS. In order to encourage people to come in and use the space, we aim to create an environment that will promote a sense of community–a place that people living in the area can call their own and at the same time, share with others. The computer lab will not only need to be physically accessible, the atmosphere will also need to be warm, inviting, and creative.

According to the floor plan, the room’s measurements appear to be about 21′ x 9’1″ . The proposed space is shown here:

Currently, the space is only accessible by one door and is enclosed by three regular walls and one metal encased wall. Nathan mentioned that the plan is to remove the metal casing, revealing a large glass window that looks out into the lounge area.

While the space is intended primarily for computer use, it is important to promote interaction between users as well. This will prove to be a challenge due to the fact that we are working within the confines of a fairly small space. The number of people in the room at one time may limited to the number of people using the computers. We are hoping to create a space that is comfortable and enjoyable to be in, but will also meet the technological needs of the users. We hope to accomplish this through both careful planning and creative design that will address such issues as the placement of computers/computer desks and other equipment, workspace, storage space, and traffic flow.

Further down the line, the space will also function as an instructional lab for financial literacy classes and after school tutoring, and operate as a community media center as well. As the community itself expands and changes, so too will the needs of its members. We hope that the space we envision will be adaptive to these changes and support the community’s needs for the present and into the future.