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Project Plan: Resource Analysis

What resources are already available from the organization to be applied to this project?  What resources will be purchased and by whom?  What resources are available from the LIS451 donations?

3 Full-time staff members
4 Part-time staff members

5 computers using current wireless network
1 wireless router

1 running Windows O.S. (for volunteer sign-in)

2 running Mac OS X (Nathan’s and Josh’s computers)
Donated/ Paid for by grant:
9 computers
9 CRT monitors
9 keyboards
9 mice
10 desks – covered by Public Engagement Grant


Need to purchase:
9 wireless cards or USB wireless adapters
1 wireless router
10 extension cords (1 per desk)
10 Velcro straps
Anything else needed for community media newsroom, such as: headsets, cameras, microphones

Filtering software
Security software
Translation and education software

Room environment:
Paint + Oil based primer (for desks)


Nine computers, with CRT monitors, keyboards, and mice are being donated to Salt and Light. The desks will be made and supplied by our 451 class, the costs are covered by Dr. Wolske’s public engagement grant. Since Nathan and Josh said that they are open to Linux operating systems and free software available online, we will supply a couple of examples of Linux Mint set-ups as well as Microsoft Windows, and Salt and Light will choose which one (or many) will best fit their needs.

They have staff computers that are currently running Windows and Mac operating systems, so some software compatible with those systems might be purchased. Hardware that needs purchasing are wireless cards for the donated computers so that they can connect to a wireless connection, a separate wireless router for that connection so that it will be separate from the staff’s wireless connection, as well as Velcro straps and extension cords for the mobile desks.

Also, additional tools such as headsets or cameras might be necessary for the Citizen Journalism projects or other community members’ personal projects. We’ve discussed painting the room and Nathan mentioned that they want to take down the metal sheets around the East wall. We might also need to buy decorations to make the spaces more inviting and comfortable, as the spaces are intended to be areas for education as well as places to feel comfortable in and hang out. All of these items, listed under the “Need to purchase” section, will be discussed in terms of price and priority with Salt and Light.