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Project Transition Checklist

List the key milestones in the project, through transition of the technology to the organizational partner.  Include target dates and dates steps were completed.

Friday, February 25th 2011:

  1. Initial meeting with Nathan and Josh of Salt & Light¬† and Pam Dempsey from CU Citizen’s Access
  2. Learned more about Salt & Light’s mission and vision for lab
  3. Discussed possibility of going with Linux on the computers


TO DO: Install Windows and Linux on two separate computers to demo on April 1st!


March 21-22, 2010:

  1. Installed Windows on 1 computer
  2. Installed Ubuntu on 1 computer
  3. Installed financial, educational software on Ubuntu computer


Friday, April 1st 2011:

  1. Met with Nathan and Josh to demo the Ubuntu system side by side with the Windows system. Nathan and Josh seemed very open to Ubuntu and agreed to equip the computers with it (yay!)
  2. Checked out the lab space. The metal wall had been taken down to reveal a row of windows. The room looks much more spacious than before; it’s got so much potential. Nathan mentioned the desire for a mural/art in the room.
  3. Took a look at Salt & Light’s router. Will check to see if and how we can route to two separate networks.
  4. Discussed painting and putting together of the desks next week (4/8); creating signs in French and Spanish in the lab…
  5. Discussed ordering of wireless cards, router, etc.


TO DO: Install language packs (Spanish and French) and necessary software by April 26th!


Friday, April 8th 2011:

Met at Salt &Light to

  1. Build 9 desks
  2. Paint desks (completed Monday April, 11)


Tuesday, April 26th:

  1. Installed wireless cards (picked up on Monday) in computers
  2. Lab time–confirmed installation of necessary software and worked on the logout wipe script (successful on all but 2 computers for completely different and unknown reasons)
  3. Delivered 7 computers, keyboards, and mice to Salt & Light
  4. 7 computer stations set up in lab




Friday April 29th, 2011:

  1. Delivered the 2 remaining computers to S&L
  2. Configured router and set up separate network for lab
  3. Discussed OpenDNS filtering (already in place at S&L)