Pirtle’s CyberCafe is now open!!

On December 3, 2011, students from the Fall LIS 451 course completed work on the new Pirtle’s CyberCafe.  Through the hard work of several people, this space was completely revamped and transformed into a community computer lab.  This cafe will be a space where small business owners, students, and community members will have free access to technology and informational resources.  The Cafe consists of 12 desktop computers, a rentable laptop computer, and a printer.  Additionally, each computer is fully equipped with programs and resources geared towards students and small business owners.

The Pirtles Team: Jina, Nell, Lucas, Seth, and Cecelia

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  1. julia pollack says:

    This is Amazing!
    The last time I was there it looked like the building might have to be rebuilt! this is astounding, it makes me proud to be a librarian.

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