Project Outputs

Technology Inventory


12 Dell Desktops:  Each has 1Gb Ram memory, with the volunteer/notary counter having 2.5 Gb RAM and a 3.2 GHz processor.  Each has been equipped with the Widows XP Operating System, appropriate anti-virus software, and other open source software selections.  Each desktop is equipped with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.  Each has a wired ethernet connection for Internet access.

1 Dell Laptop.  The laptop has 512 Mb of RAM memory.

1 Lexmark Printer

2 microphone/earphone headsets

1 wireless access point

Space Implementation

This is the ice cream computer lab upon completion of the Cyber Cafe.  The outside wall was removed and rebuilt to address some electrical issues.  Mr. Pirtle also reduced the number of computers located in the shop.


Collaborative work spaces with open table tops will make group work easier.

This area is where a volunteer staff member/notary will be available to assist computer users.  This is also a comfortable community area for just visiting.  A cork board has been added to post local notices and advertisement posters for community events and businesses.

This space is where the copier will be located, beside the printer.  It has more open space for business users to have a location to put paperwork.  It also has the media center with two headset/microphone stations.

Training and Documentation

SBC bookmarks


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