LIS451 Fall 2011 Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Organizational Opportunity, Need, or Problem

The new Pirtle’s Cyber Cafe and Small Business Support Center is intended to be a location for community members to have access to computer technology.  Some intended uses are general community use, job searching, student homework assistance, and a small business support center.  This will include copying and printing services, as well as potential notary services.  These programs are intended to serve the entire community, particularly those within close proximity to Pirtle’s who cannot easily get to the local library or other current technology centers.

Project Summary

By the end of the semester the entire Cyber Cafe needs to be completed.  Either LIS or other U of I students will need to paint the walls, ceiling, and install flooring.  The 451 students on this project will need to build and install computer desks, upgrade and equip computers, locate a printer, locate local copier service companies for lease possibilities, install and network computers and switches.  We will also, as time allows, complete all of the little touches to make the space complete.

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