Objectives for Integrating Technology

Short term

Over the short term at Pirtle’s Café, the technology we are installing will enable community members to educate themselves on a variety of topics such as locating crucial legal, financial, and medical/health information, and how to communicate more efficiently. This service will be used by Pirtle’s Café regulars, small business owners, and community members in transitional housing. It will provide crucial information and opportunities, in addition to serving as a testbed for future, larger developments in the adjacent space.

To facilitate the creation of a computer lap in his store we also replaced Mr. Pirtle’s existing personal/business computer, and provided him with a scanner and printer to aid in record keeping, producing advertisements, etc.

Long term

Over the long term at Pirtle’s Café, the installation of a fully-functional computer lab and cyber café will aid in the development of local small businesses by providing a source for education, communication, and business software and tools. We aimed to leave Mr. Pirtle with resources to begin crafting classes or workshops around small business, family, and technology issues.  This will provide the potential for economic improvement, strengthening the community and creating informational infrastructure to support more business in the area and improve the lives of community members. In addition, the new technology will enhance Pirtle’s role as a community hub by expanding it to the virtual sector.  From there Pirtle can cast a bigger net, connecting with organizations everywhere.  The Café’s presence in the community will provide residents with new opportunities, strengthening the community and enriching the lives of those who live there.

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