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Plan of Execution

The Steps the Organization Needs to Accomplish Prior to Computer Delivery

  • Obtain approval for the project.
  • Activate internet service.
  • Provide workstation furniture.
  • Purchase any additional hardware or software desired and deliver to students before the computer delivery date.

The Steps the Project Team Needs to Accomplish Prior to Computer Delivery

  • A site survey of the community center.
  • Complete a network diagram and layout of the site.
  • Wipe out the memory of each donated computer.
  • Install the Windows 98 operating system on each computer.
  • Update all components of the operating system and software to ensure everything is running at its optimal level.
  • Search for and install freeware and shareware software.
  • Install and ensure compatibility of any software or peripheral devices the organization will be providing.

Potential Risks That Might Hinder Fully Accomplishing the Plan

  • Lack of approval from the corporation or the site.
  • Lack of internet access of the site.
  • Hardware failure.
  • Power incompatibility.