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Alternate Site

On April 16th we received this email from Raul suggesting an alternate site for the installation of the computer lab:

As I was considering possible alternatives to a computer lab at Bickerdike Alejandro prompted me to think
about my church.

La Capilla del Barrio/The Neighborhood Chapel is located in the “Greater Humboldt Park Area”, 3058 W. Armitage Ave.
We have a small lab space located in the rear of our storefront building, but the computers are severely outdated.
The lab was originally developed to provide after-school tutoring to neighborhood youth but has remained dormant until
we are able to update the computers. The current computers were donated through the computers for schools program about
3 or 4 years ago.

The lab space is smaller than the space considered for Bickerdike but might be a viable alternative. Isaac Perez our
in-house tech person would be responsible for the maintenance of the network. He is currently developing a program that
teaches youth to film, edit and streaming video with the ultimate goal of streaming our Sunday services onto our website.
The partnership with you all could help us move towards that end.

I’ve copied Alejandro on this e-mail for feedback.

What do you think?

Raul Echevarria

Projects Coordinator-NCP
Bickerdike Redevelopment Corp.

Because time was now so short, Beth Ruane contacted La Capilla del Barrio and set up an initial meeting and site survey for Sunday, April 22nd.

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