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Vision for Space

We plan to incorporate 7 computers into Opal’s House:

  • Two client computers in the lab;
  • One children’s computer in the lab;
  • Two staff computers in the lab;
  • One computer in the intake office; and
  • One computer in Essie’s office.

Any sort of redecoration effort will be focused on the computer lab.  These computers will primarily serve the women and children staying at Opal’s House, and as such, we want to impress visually that these computers are meant to be an aide for them.  The environment of Opal’s House is a very welcoming and comforting one and we would like the computer lab to reflect the same message.

We plan to replace a table in the lab with two wooden desks which we plan to personally decorate.  Ideally, we would also like to enhance the lighting in the room as well as add other decorative options for the walls, depending on the availability of resources.