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Recommendations/Plans for Implementation

Since the space was previously set up to be a computer lab, there’s not much to be done physically.  The changes we will make will be as follows:

Networking: Luckily, we tested the cables that were built into the walls, and they all still work.  Since they do still work, we want to keep them safe and are thus installing female jacks to protect the cables in the wall.  The cables in the wall will connect into the female jacks, and we will connect new cables from the female jack into the individual computers.  This will protect the wall cables from being damaged down the road.  It will be much easier to replace the cables running between the computer and the female jack than the cables running through the wall.

Furniture and Computers: We will exchange the long table for the two desks for each of the client computers, but besides that, the space will stay pretty much the same.  We will remove the old computers from the basement and bring in the newly updated ones.

Website: As mentioned in a post, we updated the Opal’s House website to be maintained on a WordPress format.  This way Essie will be able to update it when she needs/wants to.  To ensure this, we plan on setting up an account for her on the WordPress site and training her on the basics of updating.  We are also developing a simple tutorial reference document for her to have after we have left.

Job Searching/Career Building Activities:  From our understanding, the main reason the clients will be using the computers is to do job searching and build resumes and cover letters.  To aid in this process, we are developing a Resource Guide with possible starting points to support these activities.