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Objectives for Integrating Technology

Women and children who come to Opal’s House are in the midst of a crisis and in need of a range of supportive services, including physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional care.  The purpose for integrating technology into the Opal’s House environment is to strengthen and aid the overall client service program offered to these women.  Currently, the Opal’s House computer lab is not a central component of the client service program, but there is potential to really incorporate the lab as a important tool for the women during their stay at Opal’s House.  The women do require an accessible, confidential, and stress-free environment for online job hunting.  Therefore, we hope to establish a reliable ISP as well as refurbish the computer lab in order to integrate the lab space into both the physical environment as well as the overall client service program.

With these goals in mind, our objectives are as follows:
  • Facilitate the set-up of a reliable ISP
  • Provide updated computer hardware and software
  • Clean and beautify the physical environment of the computer lab
  • Establish a “bare bones” library of resources specifically for job seekers in the lab
  • Provide Essie with the ability to easily maintain the Opal’s House website via WordPress