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Design Roadmap

We have based our design on best meeting the needs of the clients and staff at Opal’s House. Through our interactions with Essie and visits to the house, we have structured our design goals by considering technology and design objectives, justifications, and sustainability, and a vision for the space that harmonizes with the physical space and spirit of the rest of the house. Our main design priorities outlined in the following posts are:

  • Networking–Connection to the Internet is crucial; we will check the network cables, connections and the ISP to ensure Internet connectivity
  • Computers–Determining the number of computers needed, important software, and type of computer that will best fit the needs of the clients and staff
  • Furniture/Room design–Improving the look and feel of the space as much as we can so that it reflects the spirit of the rest of the house. Our biggest contribution is replacing the client desk with two desks so the clients have more space to work
  • Website–We will transfer the look and feel of the current website to content management system, WordPress, so that it is more accessible to Opal House staff to update and change
  • Job Resources–The computer lab will support clients during their stay at Opal’s House and one of its primary uses will be for job searching. We will assist with this by not only providing the technology, but also a resource guide of online job sites and advice for job seekers