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Problems and Solutions

During our first visit to Opal’s House we were planning to get there and set up the computer lab. However, once we arrived we found out that the space was not ready and that the computers were not at the site.  Instead we helped prep the area by cleaning and running some of the cables for the network. We also helped by mowing the lawn.  At the end of the day we made plans to come back and finish setting up the network, test it and perhaps test the computers if they were on site.

On our second visit to Opal’s House, Essie had the computers available and we tried to test the network. The network was working intermittently. We tested cables and connectivity and were able to Ping each other at the end. Our focus was on getting the basics of the network working. There was no internet access at the site, so we did not connect to the internet. There are still software issues (such as examining the router and the firewall) that should be looked at in the future by another group. Also, Essie plans to have cubicles set up for each computer area. Another group could finish arranging furniture and cleaning the area.