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Implementation Plan

Week 2 Plan

1.    Discussed  what we accomplished during first trip.

2.    Looked at what needs to be done during the next trip. (Concluded that Eagle’s Nest is done and Opal’s House needs about 1/2 day of work)

3.    Looked at different problems that we encountered in setting things up for this session.

4.    Be flexible to support other teams or go to new sites.

5.    Upgrade 8 computers for St. Luke’s church

Week 3

Plans always fall behind changes………..

1. Finishing cabling in OH. Check 2 PCs, add mouse.

Week 4

Work a golf tournament to support Opal’s House by serving drinks and manning the registration table


Computer labs in Eagle’s Nest and Opal’s House probably can be implemented by LIS451 08 Fall team members.
Opal’s House needs a network card to replace the broken one.