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Inventory of Equipment and Software


  • Four tower computers (MSI).
  • Four desktop computers (three Compaq, one site donated).
  • One labtop (site donated, IBM ThinkPad).
  • Two Printers (one Brother, the other a Lenmark DeskJet).
  • Eight monitors.
  • Nine mice.
  • Eight keyboards.
  • Seven network cards which were put into the tower computers and three Compaqs.
  • Eighteen power cords.
  • Seven cables made.
  • One network switch.


  • OpenOffice verison 2.3.1 (on all computers).
  • Windows 2000 (on all computers except for the laptop).
  • Windows XP SP2 on laptop.
  • Security software: Clawin Antivirus, Ad-Aware, and Comodo Firewall.
  • Driver and software for the Brother printer.
  • Software for the Lenmark printer.


  • Internet safety posters for the lab.